About Us

Were did All Wool That Ends Wool begin?

I have always had a love of arts and crafts, often ‘making a mess’ as my mum would say!
There aren’t may crafts left that I haven’t turned my hand to at least once and this love of crafts is what ultimately led to All Wool That Ends Wool Being born….

During 2015 my craft of choice was crochet, I loved working with yarn making toys for the family and of course blankets. With two very young children you can never seem to have enough.
That was when I discovered hand dyed yarn. I coveted it from afar as my yarn budget couldn’t stretch into the realms of hand dyed – especially as I had just been made redundant.
With the extra time on my hands from no longer going to work (this line makes me laugh – as if I had spare time with two small children) I though I’d like to research the art behind dyeing yarn and when my redundancy pay was finally settled we decided to invest some of it in starting a yarn dyeing business.

And so All Wool That Ends Wool was opened.

Many months of research, practice and a very colourful kitchen! lead me to be able to create bright, bold, colourful yarn and in the following years I’ve been able to return to some of the crafts I have enjoyed in the past to expand the business’ offerings – Which now include Hand made stitch markers, hand made resin buttons and hand made yarn cosy’s to name a few.

I still love to find new crafts and techniques of dyeing and I’m always experimenting on new ideas. So watch this space for new and exciting items heading to the shop soon.

Love Emma.