Addi 80cm


The original ADDI circular knitting needles

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The original ADDI circular knitting needles, with fixed tips made from polished white bronze.
Known as Addi Turbo in the USA
(no longer nickel-plated).

The shiny, super-smooth tips are famous for giving you the speediest results.

Size & length of needle is printed on the cord to avoid confusion

Tip lengths: 13cm

Extra fine, top quality circular knitting needles by ADDI
Wonderfully smooth and easy to use, these needles make knitting even more of a pleasure!
The cord is supple and flexible – unlike the circular needles of old, which used to insist on curling up all the
time! If, in time, the cord does become dehydrated and less comfortable to work with, simply soak in warm water for a few minutes to restore the softness.
Made of aluminium and plated with polished white-bronze.


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