To prolong the life of your finished item hand washing in cool water is recommended.
Some bleeding may occur when washed, it is advised to wash dark/bright and pale colours separately.
Hand dyeing yarn creates lovely unique items, and even if the yarns have emerged from the same dye pot or have been hand painted together, there will be slight differences between skeins. This means that no two skeins will be identical. With this in mind I always recommend (if using more than one skein) you alternate every one or two rows to help blend any differences.
Please be aware that The industry standard is for ‘a small amount of knots’ (3) to be present and as such even though I try to have no knots in the yarns sometimes this is unavoidable. This is not considered a defect in the yarn.

Button Info
The hand made buttons are not mass produced and as such each button will have its own unique qualities. Due to the process used the buttons may contain small air bubbles these do not affect the use of the button.